Our Mission & Values


Bellingham Veg Fest aims to further the liberation of all non-human animals by educating our community about animal rights by organizing and executing a variety of outreach activities and events. 

We believe in the power of community. We strive to provide support to all-vegan businesses and local animal sanctuaries. We also encourage and support businesses who choose to add vegan options/products.


  • Compassion for all living beings
  • Educate our community about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle
  • Inspire people to live with compassion in all parts of their lives
  • Community of support and encouragement for current & aspiring vegans

What We Do

Support Local Animal Rescues & Sanctuaries

We organize volunteer work parties and aid in raising funds and awareness for our local animal rescues and sanctuaries.

Support Local Vegan Businesses

We organize promotional events and use our resources to drive new and repeat customers to our local vegan businesses.

Organize Free Community Events

We bring people together with fun and inclusive events to show them how to incorporate vegan and cruelty-free elements into their lives.

Inspire Non-vegan businesses

We offer inspiration and support for all local businesses to offer thoughtful and intentional vegan options, products, and services. 

Our Story

Justin and Selena met Tamara while doing vegan outreach around Bellingham. After meeting many amazing people who wanted to go vegan, but didn’t feel that there was support for them, the three of them brainstormed ideas of how they could help. The original idea was to create an all-vegan festival that would show people the different aspects of the vegan lifestyle including nutrition, environmental impact, animal welfare, etc. This became the first ever Bellingham Veg Fest in September 2019. After seeing how many people enjoyed the veg fest, they knew they wanted to do more throughout the year and have done just that! Now, Bellingham Veg Fest hosts many different types of events including bake sales, kid crafts, animal sanctuary volunteer days, and Bellingham’s first Vegan Restaurant Week, designed to help bring the Bellingham vegan community together and help those who wanted to go vegan discover all the resources and support they need.

From left to right: Selena Holmes, Justin Holmes, Tamara Pavesi

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