2021 Bellingham Vegan Restaurant Week

Bellingham’s 2nd Annual Vegan Restaurant Week will be September 20th-September 26th!

We will celebrate the delicious plant based options that Bellingham restaurants have to offer! Last year we had over 20 local restaurants participate and this year we anticipate others to join us. 

Bellingham has many restaurants who are committed to expanding their animal-free dining options and this weeklong event will showcase what they have to offer. From burgers to pizza to tacos to much, much more, you won’t believe all there is to eat! 

Bellingham Vegan Restaurant week intentionally coincides with Bellingham Climate Week. Choosing a plant based diet is one way that will minimize our personal impact on our planet. 

We invite all local restaurants to join us! Any restaurant can participate as long as their option are completed vegan/plant based. This means no animal products whatsoever. 

 Restaurants that register will be:

•featured on our website

•mentioned on our radio show/podcast

•get a special post on our social media 

•featured on the FB event page

•featured in IG/FB stories leading up to event

•entered into the “Best Of” contest that will feature several categories that will be voted by our community. 

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